Hi! I'm Nicolas, Serverless Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS.

In my day job, I help customers build reliable and scalable applications using AWS serverless building blocks.

I write open source samples and tools to help developers and talk about how serverless help companies innovate faster and how they can be successful with this development paradigm.

Originally from Luxembourg, I currently live in Stockholm, Sweden with my partner and my adorable dog (if you're wondering, her name is Masza).

Picture of Nicolas Moutschen with his dog.

Some coding projects

This is a showcase of some of the projects I have made or have been actively working on. These are a mixed bag between work-related projects, hobby projects, experimentations, etc. If you want to look at my open source contributions, you can look at my GitHub profile.

Dog No Dog

A simple serverless application using Vue. Made to showcase how startups can leverage serverless technologies to go faster and spend more time focusing on what matters. I gave a few talks on this project where I would build the backend in less than 30 minutes.

Experimental Gossip-based Distributed Datastore

Experimental data store for understanding and explaining better how gossip protocols work. Written in Go.

Lambda Powertools for Python

One of the main contributor to the AWS Lambda Powertools for Python. This is a library that helps Lambda users follow best practices around logging, tracing and publishing custom metrics. It also comes with a set of utilities for common use cases.

Personal website

This website (nmoutschen.com), made using Nuxt and TypeScript.

Rust Lambda Build Images

Docker images based on the AWS SAM images for Amazon Linux 1 and 2 that contain common tools to build Rust binaries (Cargo, Rustc, etc.).

Serverless API in Rust

A simple CRUD API using serverless technologies and the Rust programming language. I made this to showcase how Rust developers (or serverless developers wanting to learn Rust) could leverage the two together. Inspired by this repository.

Serverless E-Commerce Platform

Sample serverless e-commerce platform with 10 microservices. I made this sample to showcase how builders could think about microservices in a serverless architecture.